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Chris Gutierrez has always been proud to call California his HOME. He, his wife, and children live in beautiful Pasadena. Gutierrez had four wonderful grandparents to help raise them, as well as some terrific Godparents. Having helped to place all four of his grandparents into nursing homes in Southern California, he saw firsthand how daunting of a task it is to choose the appropriate long-term home for people that are leaving their forever homes.

Gutierrez, a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and Pepperdine University, had helped the largest assisted living referral service to grow in California. He did not feel that service was personal enough, so he founded Southern California Senior Resources in 2003 and has never looked back.“I enjoy giving families a small, personalized list of communities that fit their particular search criteria. I also enjoy touring with families to give them insight of what to look for in their particular search. Like most things in life, each search is unique. Being a California licensed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly Administrator, helps me to guide families better than most generic online dot coms,” Says Gutierrez. He and his wife started a smaller care home for people with dementia and with just thought, many questions poured in of what Medicare, Medi-Cal, Social Security, etc., cover in terms of housing and care. Gutierrez is also a speaker for the Los Angeles Alzheimer’s Association and is often invited as a guest speaker to various groups throughout Southern California.

Southern California Senior Resources, Incorporated (SoCal Seniors) was foundedfor ONE purpose: to be a FREE family service and assist Southern California senior citizens and those who love them in their search for senior housing and services for our elderly here in the Golden State. If you are early in the search process, in crisis mode, comparing senior housing communities, etc., Southern California Senior Resources is YOUR guide to personalized assistance and can be reached anytime at [ai_phone href="1-626-795-7789"](626) 795-7789[/ai_phone].

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