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Long Term Care Insurance

“No well-planned retirement should be without long term care insurance. It’s the cornerstone of retirement security.”
— SuzeOrman

Having helped place hundreds of one of our most precious California resource, our SENIORS, I know that memory (Alzheimer’s/dementia) care, assisted living, and care in the home can be very expensive month to month. With that in mind, I have become a California insurance agent for life and health insurance. I believe in long term care insurance and my wife and I have it.

It is estimated that 70% of our population will need some type of long-term care after the age of 65. Care in the home currently with an insured, bonded home care company, can run about $25 per hour, and up. In California, to get a moderate to high level of care, families are currently spending $60,000 plus, per year. That rate will dramatically increase going forward.

Long-term care insurance can help with peace of mind and having some control over the type of care that you can have, when the time comes. Having it ensures you’ll have access to first-rate care when you need it, and that you won’t have to be dependent on others or be a burden to your family.

Long-term care services are not just for older people: Anyone who’s has been in an accident or suffers from a debilitating illness may also require round the clock care. In fact, 40% of patients receiving long-term care are under age 65. The average age of a person buying long-term care insurance is 59.

I have partnered up with an EXPERT in long-term care insurance and he feels that we are a great FREE resource to help get you started considering LTCI because:

  1. Combined, we have 17 years experience designing every type of LTC insurance.

There are “traditional” plans, and “hybrid” plans. Which one gives you the most advantages?  We can advise you based on your finances.

  1. Tax Advantages

There are policies that can use IRA’s or 401k funds in tax advantageous ways.  Life insurance policies offer a different set of advantages.

  1. Research.

We will access our multi-carrier portfolio to find the best policy for you, and will provide apples-to-apples policy comparisons with any policy, without charge.

LTCI again is something of which I strongly believe and I would also like to help you navigate the potential purchase of it.

To get a FREE Quote on long-term care insurance, please call Chris Gutierrez at Southern California Senior Resources at 1-866-697-3646 , or email to

Chris Gutierrez, Licensed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly Administrator

California Department of Insurance License Number:  0H39051

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